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Bobcat Athletics

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Bobcat Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

5 days ago @ 2:32PM by Brett Sikora

Volleyball Return to play! Important Procedures and details

Hello Bobcats!

I am very excited to be sharing this update with you all! As I'm sure you have heard, fall sports in Palm Beach County have been given permission to return to play. The return to play protocol has several stages. I will do my best to summarize what needs to be done before entering each new stage, what exciting events each stage allows us to do!

First thing, If your daughter is interested in trying out for Boca High volleyball this year, she needs to be a part of the entire process. This starts by registering for tryouts, as all groups in all stages need to be planned in advance, and actively tracked. Please have your daughter fill out the Volleyball Tryout Registration form by clicking on the link, or by completing this Google form:

There will be a parent meeting on Thursday, 9/17 @ 5:30 pm in our Google classroom to go over some very important procedures, so please make sure your daughters are in the class. If they are not, once they register for tryouts I will send them an invitation to join the class. I will send out an email with the link, Thursday afternoon. 

On Monday, 9/21 we will begin stage 2 of the return to play process. This means we will be collecting paperwork for all of those who are interested in trying out. Returning boca high volleyball players may return their athletic packet to Coach Kuhl (Room number 8-216) anytime throughout the day. We will be  collecting paperwork in the gymnasium for all new student athletes (and any returning players who are reamining in virtual learning), beginning at 3:30. Only the athlete may come into the gym, and you must have everything completed, you must wear a district approved mask, and we will be practicing social distancing by spreading out in the bleachers in the Gym. Once you turn in your paperwork and have all items required, you will be free to go. We will be going over the packets for correctness after you leave. 

The items that need to be completed are: Athletic Packet 2020-21  , Covid Release Waiver , Athletic Insurance ($10 tryout fee paid on school cash online, receipt included in packet), as well as 3 NFHS Courses : Concussion , Heat Illness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest   (once courses are completed, please print the certificates of completion and include those in the packet). Your athletic packet must include a current physical, 2 pages that are notarized, and all necessary lines signed and dated. 

We will begin conditioning in pods of 9, beginning on Tuesday, 9/22 (weather permitting). Parents must remain in their vehicles during pick up and drop off, which will happen in front of the gym. Girls must wear shirts with sleeves, a mask, bring their own bottle(s) of water, and must exit campus within 15 minutes of the completion of the conditioning session. The schedule will be released, sent to the emails that you used to register for the volleyball tryouts. There will be conditioning groups that start at 3:45, 4:30, and 5:15 (more if needed).

There will be open gyms during the week of 10/5, and Tryouts will begin on 10/13. More information regarding those next stages will be communicated closer to the start time.  Please email me if you have any questions!

Excited to get back to work, and hopefully this information is enough to get us all started down the path to having a season successfully!

Coach Sikora

Team News

1 month ago @ 3:38PM by Brett Sikora

Volleyball update - August 24

The FHSAA voted that fall sports could start on Monday, August 24. However, our school district has indicated that we will not be starting sports on the 24th. News from the district, our principals, and the Superintendent have let us know that while we are in distance learning only, we will not be having sports. The earliest we could have sports start up, would be when we go back to in-person learning. When could that happen? Our superintendent has let us know that it could be as early as 1 week following the Palm Beach County entering Phase 2 of the Governor's reopening plan. 

So this means that we need to make sure we are continuing to work hard in workouts, maybe doubling up at this point to make sure we are in the best shape possible since teams in other counties that we could potentially be playing, would have an advantage with the amount of time they have spent training. Also, we need to make sure we have the paperwork completed to be ready for tryouts:

1) Athletic eligibility packet completed :

2) There are three NFHS Educational courses that need to be completed, and certificates printed, prior to tryouts:

NFHS Concussion for students:

NFHS Heat Illness Prevention:
NFHS Sudden cardiac Arrest:

3) Please register for tryouts. Since there are strict requirements regarding numbers of people in the gym at one time, we need to be able to group athletes together depending on what team they are trying out for, and to make sure that we stay within the required numbers. We will not be accepting walk-ups to tryouts, as we will not have room to accommodate unknown numbers. Please have your athlete fill out this form:  . This information will be used to contact you regarding the start of tryouts, Pod information, dates, times. 

4) If you have any questions, please email me at

There are also some updates as to how the state will be running playoffs this year. District seeding will be a blind draw, and both the district champion and runner up with advance to the regional tournament. This means that unlike last year, your rank on Maxpreps will not have any effect on your seeding, so strength of schedule will not be an issue we will be dealing with. Because of that, once we are given the green light, we will be rescheduling as many games and opponents as we can get, to make sure we have as much of a season as possible!! 

Please stay tuned, as hopefully my next post will have more definitive information regarding our season date and times!! Stay positive, stay hopeful, stay strong, and stay healthy!! See you soon

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:39AM

Volleyball tryouts Postponed , TBD

Happy July 27, what would normally be the first day of Fall sports. Unfortunately, at this time the school district has not given fall sports the green light to begin practices and tryouts yet. They have not cancelled fall sports at this time, but also have not given a predicted date for possible start. So at this time, our tryouts are on a future date TBD, at time TBA. Please take this time to make sure you have all of your paperwork complete. This means your athletic packet complete, liability waiver filled out, and three NFHS videos (concussion, heat illness, sudden cardiac arrest) completed and certificates printed, and please make sure you fill out the tryout registration form (see previous posting). Please stay tuned to this page for future announcements as to when we could hopefully begin our season! Also, use this time to double down on our workouts. You probably have at least one month to continue the work you have put in so far. Don’t let up now, work harder knowing that you have been given a gift of time, and use it to put inches on your vertical jump, increase your core and upper body strength, and come out of the delay a much better athlete than you were before! If you have any questions, please email me at Stay strong, stay healthy, Go Bobcats!!

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:06PM by Brett Sikora

Tryout Registration and Procedures

Hey Bobcats!!

I will share with you everything that I know, so we can be as prepared as possible. Unfortunately we don't have anything concrete YET, we need to get everything done that we can so when it is delay, delay, GO! we are ready!! PLEASE READ TO THE END!!

The state athletic association (FHSAA) is having an emergency board meeting tonight (7/20) at 5 pm to vote on pushing back the official start date of the fall season. Then, on Wednesday (7/22) the school board is meeting to vote on pushing back the official start date of our virtual school. The outcome of these two meetings will have an affect on our season start date, games we have currently scheduled, and plan of attack, and I will pass along that info as quickly as I receive it. We will have varsity team tryouts first, and then we will have freshmen and JV tryouts at a later date. 

With that being said, there is plenty for us to do to get ready. Here are some of the current return to play protocols passed down by the state and by our district, for indoor volleyball this fall. The following procedures will be the same, the only things that could/will change are the dates and times. 

*We will be able to have tryouts, in groups of 18 athletes and 2 coaches per session. So it is VERY important that you register using the link I will provide you, so that we can divide you into groups for tryouts. Make sure you type your answers carefully, as we will be sending out an email with the list of players who will be trying out together, and the time for your tryout. 

*Tryout times will be staggered by 15 minutes, to allow the cleaning and disinfecting of the equipment. You must leave campus within 15 minutes of the completion of your tryout/practice. There will be no parents allowed in the gym, or in the registration line. 

* You must have a mask or face covering on at all times. This means upon entrance, getting dressed and ready, warming up, during tryouts/practice, when getting changed to leave the gym, and upon exiting the gym. So use this time to find a face mask or covering that is comfortable, that won't fall off, and get used to moving and sweating in it. If you don't have a mask, you won't be allowed in the gym. No exceptions. 

* You will not have access to the lockerrooms. You will have access to the bathrooms, however it must be disinfected/cleaned after every group that uses it, prior to the next group being allowed in. Keep that in mind!

* Prior to coming to tryouts, you must have your athletic packet filled out, signed a liability release, paid the $10 tryout fee on school cash online (should go live as of 8/3), and completed three NFHS Learn courses. Please bring the completion certificates with you. The three courses are:

NFHS Concussion for students:

NFHS Heat Illness Prevention:
NFHS Sudden cardiac Arrest:


Please fill out the tryout registration link, so that we can group you for tryouts!!

Tryout registration link

Please pass this along to your friends and teammates, and I will be giving you an update on dates and times, once I know more!!

Team News

2 months ago @ 11:11AM by Brett Sikora

It's now July - Time to complete your athletic packet!!

Happy July Bobcats!!

Hopefully this notice finds you well, healthy, safe, and working hard to get ready for our upcoming volleyball season!! While we don't have any official details on when we will be starting our practices, and when we will be allowed for our first game (there are several options that have been proposed by the FHSAA, several of which include a delayed start, but none have been accepted and adopted yet), so right now we are proceeding as scheduled which means a July 27 start of tryouts, but I will updated more when I know more details.

It's now July, which means that it is time to get your athletic packets completed!! You can find them on the website under the "Athletic forms/links" page, or by downloading it here - 2020-2021 Athletic packet

Please make sure that you are taking your time to complete it fully, don't let it be a last minute thing., because if it's not completed correctly, you won't get to try out. Some helpful hints for you:

-Make sure you and your parents sign all the lines that are supposed to be signed, dated all the lines that need to ge dated (all dates on the same page must be the same date), you have a current athletic physical included (EL2), and pages 4 and 12 of the packet are notarized (again, all dates on the page must match the date of the notary). 

-Make sure you pay the $10 tryout fee on School cash online. It will most likely be found under athletics, not girl's volleyball. Print the receipt, and include it in your packet. If you think you will make the team, or plan on playing other sports throughout the year, you can pay the $65 athletic insurance fee at the same time ($75 total). If you do not pay this before tryouts, that is fine. But it must be paid by the first practice date, which is usually the very next day. The $10 tryout fee only needs to be paid once, for volleyball. Even if you are sophomore or junior trying out for varsity, but don't make it and are asked to tryout for the JV team, you only need to pay it once. 

-Once you have the athletic packet completed, HOLD ON TO IT!!! You will bring it with you to the first day of tryouts, and that will be a part of the check-in process. You can't turn it in early, can't turn it in to the office, we will need it at tryouts. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Go Bobcats!!


Download and fill out: Athletic packet 2020-2021
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