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Bobcat Athletics

Boca Raton High School


Bobcat Athletics

Boca Raton High School

Bobcat Athletics

Boca Raton High School

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1 year ago @ 10:00AM

Spring Cheer Tryouts / Results Announced

2017-2018 Cheerleading Tryouts 
Clinics  Wednesday April 26 and Thursday April 27
               5:30-7:30                     5:30-7:30
Learn the material two weeks before tryouts!  Cost $10 and waiver 
Tryout week: May 8th-May 11th 4:00-6:00   Bring signed waiver and $10
                    May 8th: Teach Dance and Fight Song 
                    May9th: Teach Cheer and jumps 
                    May10th: Go over all material, mock tryout with suggestions 
                    May11th: Actual tryout in front of judges, can leave after tryout 
Results will be posted May11th on the website 
PARENT/Athlete Meeting Friday May 19th, athletes will be fitted for uniforms and other clothing items 
Contact tiffany.o' with any questions 

Bobcat Cheerleading Tryout Results:

Congratulations to all who made the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, we are so excited to have you apart of the Bobcat Spirit Program!!! 

Please look out for a text or email about upcoming parent meetings (NEXT WEEK) and being added to the group message. 



Lauren Ayres

Rachel Bader

Courtney Biederman

Laura Brown

Marin Canfield

Sally Chapman

Ashley Falcon

Caroline Goodridge

Elsa Hagman 

Lexi Hidalgo

Lydia Johnson

Isabella Maltrotti

Lissette Mon

Michelle Molina 

Tess Norkus

Peyton Patterson

Ashley Roe

Zoe Rolfe

Athena Rossi

Sophia Rossi

Joelle Sanders

Carly Stagman

Courtney Swift

Ashley Thomas

Allison Williams

Amelia Zook



Junior Varsity:

Frederique Audet

Juliana Bermudez

Kaiya Black

Brooke Canfield 

Liora Egosi

Katherine Ford

Ashley Galin

Kylie Harley

Shauntay Harris

Serina Holmgren

Karas Hutchison

Sofia Martinez

Ava Melanson

Alexia Pear

Mallory Stabile


If you don't see your name please know I value how hard you worked and would like to give you and additional opportunity in the fall to try out because I see potential in each and every one of you. So work on your motions and jumps all summer and hopefully you'll make the choice to fight for your spot and we will see you again. 


-Coach  O-

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